When Jimmy was only three, he lived in rural Peoria, Arizona with his Mother, Grandparents and his Uncle. A hot rod was probably the first recognizable thing Jimmy drew, no doubt a direct result of his teenage Uncle campaigning a drag car at the time. Jimmy said one of his earliest memories was sitting on the driveshaft hump in his Uncle’s gutted race car watching what must have been Grand avenue whizzing by through the hole where the shifter came in. Then there’s the midnight drags his Uncle took him to and of course Jimmy’s frantic mother afterwards.
Jimmy continued to draw cars through high school (some of the best in math class) and received some formal art training (design and production art). Then he started his career at a sign and display shop, picking up valuable fabrication skills along the way. Then he moved to the printing industry, working in the art rooms and eventually becoming art director at a couple of different companies, all of which lead to Jimmy’s Hot Rod Design.
Jimmy is married and has two boys now and runs Jimmy Smith Hot Rod Design & Illustration. He also puts in time at his friend’s hot rod shop. Whenever time allows, you can find Jimmy working (playing?) on hot rods and custom cars of his own or friend’s projects.
Jimmy Smith would like to do hot rod art for you too, so get a hold of him for any automotive art needs you may have.

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