Hi, thanks for stopping by and looking around.This page is where you can check out some of the things we are working on.

The F-100 is a running, driving, Hot Rod Pickup now. Gee, only 6 years to this point! Anyway, I've already logged some good mileage on it. This coming year (2005), we will dive head first into getting the body straight and shooting some color on it.
- click on the image to see Monsoon Action (video). -

'64 Galaxie
-click on image to see a short video of it-

Here is my latest Sikkle project, apehangers, 24" slick out back and Scwhinn 26" wheel / tire combo up front. Simple bike with a cool bronze metallic paint job.
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Steve Bryant's '56 Nomad
Click to see it run, it's alive!
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